Startingpoints and loose ends

Mind your Step

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It was a good show at the former car workplace Dereumaux in Waalre (first weekend of October).

Off to Milan

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File 271

Preparations for 'Second House' in Milan. Drawings, prints, film (installations) and photos. Looking forward to it.

Lithography: working period

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Working period and presentation at Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch. At the end of March I started with the 'on invitation' project. Lithography... to see if my drawings work 'on stone'. The printing process is still kind of a black box. See also the website (Project 'on invitation') of the Graphic Atelier >>

Presentation at RE:Rotterdam

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It is RE:Rotterdam Art Fair time. 6 - 10 Feb. 2013. Location: Blaak 16-18 Rotterdam. See for information on the opening hours the RE:Rotterdam site >>
I am showing drawings, objects and films. Hope to see you there!  

so it is... still

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File 204Exhibition at Kruithuis, Den Bosch opening on Sunday 22nd of April. Showing a floor installation with drawings and film. The exhibition is open till the 28th of May (open wed-sun 12-17 hrs). More photos of the work here >> 

new film ...

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Working on a new film sequence as part of the installation for the exhibition PEX Troeft at Kruithuis, Den Bosch. The scenes were shot very early in the morning. Bloody cold...

Zwervende Tentoonstelling

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File 39Two of my short films are shown at the Zwervende Tentoonstelling, together with a small work in a limited edition (silk screen).

Working on a small silk screen

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Preparations for the Zwervende Expositie. Busy printing the small silk screen still still falling. First attempts at grafisch atelier.

Screening of 'The Necessity of Big Shoes'

CASZuidas screening 'The Necessity of Big Shoes'

The one minute 'stop motion graphic novel' The Necessity of Big Shoes is now being screened at CASZuidas screen at Amsterdam Zuid Station and at the dropstuff urban screens at Eindhoven and The Hague Central Station.
See also >> 

Burn it or not?

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File 34Taking part in 'Decemberlicht' at exhibition space 'Argument' in Tilburg. Sunday, december 18th, final evening with discussion and 'art bonfire'. Two of my silk screens from the series 'De nieuwe Heimat' are part of the exhibition. To be bought or to be burned...