About Marjo Vaessen

Lives and works in Utrecht

(+31) 06 19 206 302
Studio: Adriaen van Ostadelaan 54 (atelier 4), Utrecht

Fine Art (BA), AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch
Art History (MA), University of Utrecht

Exhibitions / presentations
2021 Atelierroute, Utrecht
2020 Atelierroute, Utrecht
2018 PRESENT, tentoonstelling Kunstliefde, Utrecht
2018 Atelierroute, Utrecht
2016 Ruimtelijk vlak, part of Drawing Front, De Boterhal Hoorn
2014 Blind Date, works on paper by more than 90 artists, Schoutenstraat 10 Utrecht
2014 Atelierroute, Utrecht.
2014 Door de kieren van het geheugen, 5 artists at Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden 
2013 DepARTmentSTORE 7 by Gumbs at Galerie Sanaa, Screening of the film And the House turned on its Head, Utrecht
2013 On Invitation, working period and presentation at Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch
2013 Mind your step, group exhibition, former car workplace Dereumaux, Waalre
2013 Screening of film 'Trickster's land and tale' at Lucy Live Play, Utrecht
2013 exhibiton Second House, Milan (drawings, prints, films)
2013 RE:Rotterdam Art Fair, 'Lying and forgetting about things lost in your mind'.
2012 PEX Troeft, group exhibition, 9 artists selected after a portfolio event organised by bART and BNO, Kruithuis, Den Bosch
2012 Zwervende tentoonstelling, group, 38CC, Delft (curated by Maartje Berendsen & Tamar de Kemp)
2012 Screening of 'The necessity of big shoes' on Caszuidas screen (Amsterdam Zuid) and dropstuff screens at Eindhoven Central Station and The Hague Central Station 
2011 Decemberlicht #3, group exhibition and events, Vertoningsruimte Argument, Tilburg
2011 No it won't hurt, group exhibition with thirteen talented, recently graduated artists, Pictura, Dordrecht
2011 Exam expo AKV St. Joost, De Boo, Den Bosch
2011 Te waar om mooi te zijn, group exhibition, CBK Den Bosch
2010 11 Volt, group exhibition, Electron, Breda
2010 Ik wil ruimte, group exhibition presenting a selection of talented starting artists, Temporary Art Centre(TAC), Eindhoven. Live performance Hoofdruimte/Main Room; installation of performance residu during exhibition.
2010 Echo, installation with Femke Dekkers and Thalysia van Esch, Public Library (Cultuurnacht), Breda
2009 Leegte, installation, one hour full covered, Oss
2009 In lijn, group exhibition, Academiegalerie Ten Toon, 's-Hertogenbosch 2009

Masterclass Drawing by Jans Muskee at Drawing Centre Diepenheim (2013)
Conversations with Dutch artist Barbara Visser (2013)
Workshop script writing by Canadian artist / filmmaker Daniel Cockburn at Impakt (2011)
Masterclass etching by Dutch artist Stijn Peeters at Grafisch Atelier Daglicht (2010)

Curator / Organizer

2014 De Kip en de Einder, curator of an Art and performance event at cityfarm 'Rood|Noot' (in cooperation with Marjolein Sponselee and Rood|Noot), Utrecht
2014 MOIRA en LUCY op het spoor van het surrealisme, curator of group exhibition of young surrealists (with co-curators: Marjolein Sponselee en Sascia Vos), Utrecht
2013 LUCY LIVE PLAY, organisation of an evening with art films
2013 LUCY LIVE 'Sappelen', organisation of an evening with presentations of 6 artists on the topic of 'art in times of crisis'.

From 2010 till 2014 with Marjolein Sponselee: online and live art platform LUCY: www.lucyindelucht.nl. Founder, editor, writer, curator.